Solution F develops its suspension brand : 4.42

With a technology adapted to all types of projects, wether for light aviation, motorcycle or car racing, 4.42 designs and adjusts all suspension’s functionalities.
Produced in small quantities from materials coming from aeronautics, digital machinings are shaped out of a single block with a whole supervisory of metrological controls with specific treatments of materials.
Each system disposes of a large range of adjustments in order to optimize the supension  depending on the conditions of use.


> Type C / Cup
> Type M-P / Single seater
> Type S / GT-Supertourism
> Type W / Rally
> Type RR / Rally raid
> Absorbers Motorcycle 1
> Absorbers Motorcycle 2


4.42 develops its own tests bed within its workshops, and in return gains from the experience of closed circuits generated by Solution F.
The whole development part, calculations, quality control as well as technical assistance are developed in synergy with Solution F’s and 4.42 teams. They also set up modifications, adjustment, logistics and the organization of testing sessions.


Starting from a long experience in light aviation, car and motorcycle racing, 4.42 also proposes an engineering service and prototyping for many constructors.
From conception to development until production in short series, Solution F subsidiary produces high-quality manufactured suspensions by offering after sale service standing to its reputation.