What makes Solution F take off ?

Aeronautics has been for a few years the favourite terrain of Solution F. For example the first global electrical helicopter global flight is a Solution F realisation , as the signature of the hybridation of the E-fan 1.2, an electric aircraft developed on a joint project with AIRBUS, or the propulsion of  the future strastopheric  airship built by THALES Alenia   which electric drive and the propellers are 100% provided by Solution F. A culmination of this major and technologic investment in the field of aeronautics has indeed been achieved by receiving the «award » AIRBUS Helicopters for the best innovation provider.

Why choose Solution F ?

In aeronautics more than anywhere else the reduction of the cycle time between the idea and the final demonstrator is a guarantee for major competitiveness. Solution F well understood this by implementing internal logistics based on the pluridisciplinarity of all its work qualifications going from conception to studies, from simulation until manufacturing and eventually the final test before delivery.
These different work qualifications are materialized in a Bureau of Studies integrating the simulation part, the conception part upstream and the validation part, then comes the production sector with its traditional welding jobs, machining and assemblage.

Culture of secret or discretion…

Obviously most of its activities aren’t well known of the general public. The reason being simple as Solution F doesn’t have the possibility to communicate on files where the priority is legitimately given to  the main contractors who take charge of their own strategy of communication concerning innovation.