Solution F philosophy
Adaptability, Reactivity & Spirit of innovation

Born from car racing in 1985, Solution F, driven by its culture of challeng went further by specializing  during  the 90’s in propulsion  and hybrid systems. From now on, this spirit of challenge applies to other sectors as automotive engineering and aeronautics in which Solution F quickly became a reference. The company continues to stay at the forefront with its simulation and engineering department as Solution F remains before anything else an engineering design office where the realization of prototypes and innovative processes have become its identifying marks.

The 3 departments of Solution F

Solution F cultivates the reduction of the cycle time between the idea and the final demonstrator. In order to reach optimum results, multidisciplinarity is compulsory by integrating most job qualifications going from conception to studies, simulation, manufacturing and the final test before delivery.

Research studies

> Conception
> Simulation
> Validation


> Machined welded
> Machining
> Assemblage


> Validation and final tests before delivery

Internal multidisciplinary teams…

…made up of highly qualified experts specialized in each of his/her own branch, therefore in total more than 30 persons installed in a 2500m2 site. From conception to detail engineering, their greater knowledge of processes allows them to generate prototypes with an exemplary reactivity.


Engineer BF / Equipment Mechanics / Engine manufacturers / Suspension technicians / Plastic processors / Electronics engineers / Machinists…

Two sectors of activity, car racing and aeronautics

Constantly changing, Solution F is nowadays involved into several innovative projects in the automobile and the aeronautics industry. The brand has therefore developed hybridation of small urban and suburban vehicles.Concerning automobile competition, Solution F is considered to be the specialist of the « cost/performance » relationship in fields going from single seater to rally.
Aeronautics has been for a several years the favourite terrain of Solution F. For example the first electric helicopter is a realization of Solution F, as the signature of the hybridation of the electrical aircraft developed on a joint project with Airbus, or the propulsion of the STRATOBUS TM, a dirigeable airship built by Thalès Alénia Space. A culmination of this major and technologic investment in the field of aeronautics has indeed been achieved by receiving the world « award » AIRBUS Helicopters for the best innovative provider.

A culture of discretion

Working with major main contractors and large corporations, most of our activities are unknown of the general public. Indeed these major main contractors communicate between themselves on their products, and besides this we make a point in preserving the project’s confidentiality we develop for our partners in order to maintain the best trusting relationship with them.

A geostrategic position

Ideally located in Venelles near Aix en Provence, Solution F is also close to the motorway A51 and the Marseille Provence Airport and the train station TGV Aix. The company has large facilities among these a 2500m2 plateau and another of 4800m2 sheltering the subsidiary « 4.42 » specialist in suspension systems.